Wheelchair accessible car hire from Bristol Car Club.

Car hire by the hour, by the day, or by the week.

Our wheelchair accessible vehicles are specially designed to accommodate at least one passenger in a wheelchair, and up to four other passengers. Whilst the vehicles have been adapted for wheelchair users, the vehicles are not restricted to use by the disabled.

Photo of person in wheelchair getting in car

Bristol Community Transport has been operating a fleet of accessible minibuses since 1985. We recognised that a minibus is not always the most suitable vehicle for transporting wheelchair passengers and so we created Bristol Car Club to add wheelchair accessible cars to our fleet, with the added advantage of the vehicles being availble to hire to individuals.

The fleet of cars are available to those joining the Bristol Car Club as well as to those organisations that already hire minibuses from BCT.

We have designed our car fleet to provide maximum flexibility to meet the needs of those using the vehicles, as well as ensuring safe carriage of wheelchair users and other passengers.
Seating options include the ability to carry two wheelchairs in the same vehicle (with the wheelchair users being transported in their wheelchair) along with five other people.
Subject to availability, we can also arrange the hire of electric scooters to compliment the car hire as well as a manual wheelchair.


Flexible Hire Options
Vehicle hire by the hour, by the day or for complete weeks. Discuss your requirements with us, and we’ll aim to help you. We can even make a driver available to you (for an additional charge).

Driver Requirements
No special driving licence or driving assessment is needed to use our car fleet. For insurance purposes, however, drivers must be aged at least 21 and have held a full licence for two years. Drivers will need to provide their driving licence (both parts if a photo licence) as well as identification before being able to hire a vehicle. This is all explained in detail when applying to join the Car Club.

Wheelchair users boarding car